Running Routes

Below are links to popular routes used by OUCCC runners – these all vary in length and terrain ease. We also recommend joining the Strava Club for stalking fun essay procrastination further route inspiration (and also this club for the women).

Easy Runs

Name Distance (miles) Terrain
Marston Ferry 5.1 Road
Marston Ferry long 5.7 Road
Abingdon Road loop 6.1 Road
Summertown Loop 6.1 Road
Cowley Road loop 6.5 Road
Girlfriend Run 4.7 Soft Off-road
Marston Fields 4.8 Soft Off-road
Nature Reserve 5.3 Soft Off-road
Allotments 5.9 Soft Off-road
Port Meadow 7.2 Soft Off-road
Iffley lock 5 Hard Off-Road
Iffley Meadows 5.7 Hard Off-Road
Parks Loop 5.8 Hard Off-Road
Oxsquare 6.2 Hard Off-Road
Boardwalk 6.3 Hard Off-Road
Canal Loop 7

Hard Off-Road

Long runs

Name Distance (miles) Direction
Chilswell* 8.4 Boars Hill
Boars Hill 10.5 Boars Hill
Boars and Bagley 13.6 Boars Hill
Short Wytham 8.7 Wytham
Long Wytham 11.3 Wytham
Ultimate Wytham 14.2 Wytham
Shotover 10.9 Shotover
Short Bagley 8.8 Bagley
Long Bagley 10.4 Bagley
Short Woodeaton 9.5 Woodeaton
Long Woodeaton 11.7 Woodeaton
Woodeaton and Elsfield 13.3 Woodeaton
Blenheim Palace 11 One way- bus home
Wheatley Windmill 12.1 Shotover
Otmoor (Nokey Cokey) 15.4 Cutteslowe
Sydlings Copse 9.4 Woodeaton
Hinksey Heights 8.0 Boars Hill

*also known as Short Boars Hill, but doesn’t actually go up Boars Hill