Women's Vice Captain

Bea Munro

Hertford College

If you aren't sure where Bea is, she is probably on a run. We're left wondering if this marathon hopeful ever stops running! Apart from when out-lifting everyone at S&C of course! Who knows how she finds time to do her Law degree, not to mention her side-hustle writing a food column for the Oxford Blue (slay!). Bea is a bit of an icon: she actually emailed the Principal of her college to tell them she beat them by ten minutes in the Town & Gown 10k (where this photo is from, probably explaining why she looks so happy!). We are hoping she can spare us a moment to do some vice-captaining, but to be honest, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that she will have this completely under control and do an excellent job!


>Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 75

>Mileage: 95

>Ability to smile in cross country photos: 98