Ladies' Captain

Rhiannon Paton

Jesus College

Our beloved Rhiannon is making a big return from Welfare Rep to become our Women's Captain. She already has some captaincy experience, after leading the Turtles (Women's Seconds) at Varsity last year, providing her team with love, warmth and, of course, Welsh cakes. You can find Rhiannon either speeding past you very, very, very quickly, hosting cake afternoons or studying cemeteries/singing hymns/complaining about her college choir/deliberating over her favourite Pope. However, don't bother looking for her in Parkend, as her last stint left her sick in bed for two months! We can't wait to see what our Welsh legend has in store for us this year - hopefully she does a better some at captaining than avoiding the mud in XC races!


>Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 100

>Taste in hymns: 90

>Immune system: -10