Thomas Renshaw

St. Hugh's College

No your eyes aren't deceiving you, Thomas Renshaw is indeed on our committee once more. After six years at Oxford, people still wonder if he'll ever leave, but hopefully Secretary will prove a breeze after the three billion other roles he's had on various committees, including as our Club Captain last year. Renshaw is allegedly doing a PhD in Earth Science, though we get more certain that this is a myth each day, as he has spent every waking second thinking about OUCCC for the last year. With a love of all things chart-related, we're sure that he'll remain an active member, as well as an excellent Secretary, of OUCCC this year. 


>Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 68

>Likelihood of being on the committee for the next six years: 90

>Obsession with The Chart: 100

varsity 2022 90