OUCCC prepares for the London Marathon

Tomorrow sees OUCCC take on Cambridge University Hare & Hounds in the Varsity Marathon.  A preview of the race can be found here.

The full teams:

Women: Emma Carr (#56590), Rachel Davies (#56591), Emma Hodson (#468), Kate Niehaus (#477), Kamila Nigmatulina (#32329), Carly Pettett (#25752), Rebecca Pullon (#56592) and Ligita Visockyte (#28557).

Men: Aitor Alvarez-Fernandez (#56588), Justin Ball (#30441), Alex Betts (#21854), Nick Coupe (#35396), Edward Stace (#56589) and Aubert Ribaucourt (#48044).

OUCCC took double wins last year, so the team hopes to defend its titles. Despite some unfortunate injuries on the men’s side, several athletes are looking for Half Blue times (2:45).  The women’s team looks to be strong as well, with several women also looking for Half Blues (3:15).  We also have some alumni running who are in great shape (Rose Penfold and Merry Byrne).

But the marathon is a beast of an event, so anything can happen on race day!