OUCCC Pre-Season Training Camp

Sponsored by OUCCC Old Members

A group of new and old OUCCC members have just returned from a fantastic week on pre-season training camp. It was a brilliant time to get to know each other bond as a team and kick-start training for the term of Tab-bashing ahead. The week is summed up perfectly by newcomer, Archie Jones:


Training Camp IThe OUCCC training camp was a perfect start to university. A good mix of new and old, the group gelled wonderfully to create a really welcoming environment for incoming freshers such as myself. Though the trip was and should be geared around the training, the week was really made by the people there. Raft building, blackberry picking and a bonfire provided a perfect foil to sessions while the atmosphere was at all times chilled out and friendly. At the risk of descending into histrionics, the experience was singularly great; leaving me filled with motivation for the season ahead. I didn’t do much of my essay mind you…

The training itself was tough but honest, with the right combination of miles, quality and gym work for the time of year. Guest strength and conditioning coach Ruddi Farquharson led the stand out session of the week, leaving some of us (well, me) hobbling for days afterwards… It was also great to see a squad of mixed ability training as a group where possible, with each of us pushing ourselves to the best of our own abilities in the quality sessions.

Training Camp IITo anyone considering cross country at Oxford; get involved! If you missed the pre-season camp for this year, pop down to any of our sessions to train with a great group of people! We’re also off to Portugal over Easter apparently… Finally, if you’re a runner starting at Oxford in October 2014 then don’t hesitate to sign up for next year’s camp, it really is a great introduction.

We were lucky enough to be joined by several experts. Our committed coach Jenny Harris kindly came and took our two main sessions; Dave Sunderland, head coach at England Athletics, gave us an inspirational talk and answered our questions on the key aspects training, particularly as students; and highlight of the week was certainly the strength and conditioning session lead by Birmingham University’s strength and conditioning coach, Ruddi Farquharson. Other highlights included our Women’s Vice Captain Rosemary Hurford’s wonderful cooking, raft building in which the Captain was the first to end up in the river and the composition of a new OUCCC anthem!

I couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of people or for the week to have gone more smoothly. Everyone was enthusiastic, up for anything and clearly committed to the club and competitions coming up! I must also thank the Old Gits for your support. OUCCC couldn’t have done it without you! The week has left me inspired and very positive about the big races ahead of us. Now it’s time to recruit some more freshers and shoe some Tabs!

Training Camp III

Naomi Webber, Club Captain
October 2013