Neptune Teddy Hall Relays 2017: Report

Eighth week is a curious one to all Oxford students, with the majority largely passing the time in a state of sleep-deprived delirium. In addition to this, OUCCC runners tend to have extra excitements awaiting in this week, with Michaelmas being the home of the Blues’ Varsity and Hilary the Neptune Teddy Hall Relays, both among the largest and most important on the racing calendar. This latter event extends our rivalry of choice to beyond that with our minty-green friends, inviting local universities and clubs as well as those of Oxford colleges and faculties down to the infamous Iffley Road track for some road racing entertainment.

Perhaps taking advantage of our familiarity with the course, the Oxford teams performed fantastically in all races, winning gold medals in each of the men’s, women’s and mixed teams. Not content with just taking the team prizes, Oxford athletes also took away individual fastest laps, with Luke Cotter and Dan Mulryan running the second and third fastest laps for the men, and Helene Greenwood, Emma DeCamp and Katie Truslove taking all three honours for the women. Results to be celebrated by all, but ones which admittedly provided some awkward moments in the prize-giving – we promise to external teams that there was absolutely no foul-play!

A massive thank you must be given to Bethanie Murray and Alex Howard for organising such a fabulous event, as well as to Libby Brown for organising the post-race tea (providing quite possibly the largest quantity of sandwiches and bananas ever seen in one place) and the team of marshals (successfully running between posts and the track whilst ensuring that (pretty much) everyone got around the course without getting lost).

Full results can be found here:

– Kennagh Marsh, Worcester College