Inter-Varsity Cross Country 2k14 Report

After a rather lengthy wait for a post on this website (through almost no fault of the Web-Rep, of course), it feels like a Varsity report is an appropriate moment to bring it back on track.

It’s been a long year for OUCCC, with “change” the word on people’s lips. An important change was the result of the Gentleman’s Blues Varsity Match. With a score of 35-46, Oxford ‘ran’ out winners with some excellent packing behind Cambridge’s stand out front two (Short and Lloyd). Superb performances by these two runners. In terms of Oxford’s team, the baby-faced assassin (Jamie Parkinson) stormed away into 3rd and Will Christofi decided that he didn’t want to be kept away from Ancient Greek for too long so ran as quickly as possible to finish in 4th. Some strong performances from Speake, American hero Unterreiner, Cap’n Howard, “I can’t stop winning Varsity” Ryle-Hodges and Aidan Smith galloping over the butts meant that a competitive race swayed in Oxford’s favour. Fresher Miles Chandler also deserves special credit for a battling run which will serve him well for next year (and for an excellent psyche-up mix before the race, which probably won the Match for Oxford). Both teams gave a fantastic account of themselves and the rivalry is well-poised to continue next year.

In terms of the Ladies’ race, despite Sophia Saller’s attempts to race on the correct course, many of the women unfortunately followed a slightly different route. It is very easy to get lost on Wimbledon Common, to be fair. Saller was awarded the Race Win, whilst, in the other race, Cambridge came out race winners with some excellent performances. Oxford’s Kate Niehaus deserves special credit for a very gutsy and impressive run. A hard-fought race which was unfortunately was blighted by a wrong direction being taken. Nothing should be taken away from the performances of both teams, however.

With regards to the IInds – IVths matches, a more full report will follow, but some excellent individual performances unfortunately did not result in pleasing team results. Making the most of home advantages, and despite the best efforts of winners Dan Mulryan, Louis Rawlings, Hannah Plaschkes and Simone Paulson, Cambridge completed a 5-0 whitewash on the day. Next year, it’s in our back yard, though. We look forward to it.

Over and out. Enjoy the Vac.