Freshers’ Run Report 2016

There was a fantastic turn out for this year’s Freshers’ Run on Sunday 9 October. Everyone met at the Rad Cam, where the OUCCC tent stood in all its glory with plenty of returning members (and DBJ) on hand to welcome potential newbies. We headed off in various groups for a steady run around uni parks and via our Tuesday session venue of Exeter-Hertford playing fields. On returning to the Rad Cam the refreshments team had transformed the tent with a fine display of hot & cold drinks (feat. super cool glass squash dispenser) and plenty of fruit, biscuits and cakes. Thanks to Olly (not Ollie) for being an expert at the tent, and to the wonderful team of helpers led by Miles and Libby for putting on such a welcoming event. It was great to see lots of new faces and meet the next generation of OUCCC.

Freshers, we hope you had fun and look forward to seeing you all again soon! If you have any questions or queries about the club, please just get in touch with one of the committee via email or Facebook. You can see who we all are by clicking “About” and then “Committee” on this website.

Laura Fenwick, Lady Margaret Hall