The Varsity Match

The annual Varsity Match against Cambridge is divided into two days of events: II-IVs Varsity on Saturday of 7th Week and Blues’ Varsity on Saturday of 8th Week. The II-IVs Match venue alternates between Oxford and Cambridge. A report of 2016’s II-IVs event can be found here. The Blues’ (first team) Match is held on Wimbledon Common, which provides mud, flat paths, the water splash and the ‘Butts’.

The Blues’ Varsity Match took place on Saturday 2nd December 2017.

In the Blues’ Match, the men’s team is composed of eight runners (six to score), and the women’s is made up of seven runners (five to score).
At II-IV’s Varsity, the Men’s IIs and IIIs each contain eight people, six to score, and the Women’s IIs contains seven runners, five to score.

The Men’s IVs and Women’s IIIs are run as ‘Mob Matches’, with the number of scorers for each team being equal to the size of the smallest team, provided this is greater than 20 for the men, and ten for the women.

Below is some footage from previous events.