Neptune BMC Iffley Festival of Miles

Entries are now open for the Neptune BMC Iffley Festival of Miles 2018, which will take place on Saturday 28th July at the Iffley Road Track. The event will also incorporate a series of Roger Bannister Memorial Mile races, as part of a BMC Regional meet. Entries for the BMC races should be done on the British Milers Club website, but entries for the open Iffley Festival of Miles races can be made using the form below. Entries for all Iffley Miles events will cost £5, as will the BMC races for BMC members, and £7 for the BMC races for non-BMC members, with entry fees payable on the day (please bring the correct change if possible).

Archived results

2017: Iffley Miles Results (Open Graded Races)

2015: Iffley Miles Results (Open Graded Races) / BMC Results.

2014: ReportIffley Miles Results (Open Graded Races) / BMC Results and Report.

The Neptune BMC Iffley Festival of Miles is an annual event hosted by Oxford University Cross-Country Club (OUCCC) at Iffley Road Athletics Track, the site of the first sub-four minute mile. This event is proudly sponsored by Neptune Investment Management.