Training Hilary Week 3

Dark Blues,

This is it.

BUCS is now only 6 days away – the hard work is in the bank – now it’s time to focus on taking on the rest of the country in Leeds, OUCCC style.

We’ve slogged it out in the snow whilst everyone else has stayed inside and had some great sessions – especially this Saturday. Between now and Saturday advantages are there to be had from recovering, good sleep, and eating well. Stretch, foam roll when you can. Take it easy.

To get you in the zone – Leonie Lightfoot is giving a talk on mental preparation on Thursday evening. Not something to miss!

The atmosphere at BUCS is phenomenal – make sure you’re in the best possible shape to enjoy it.

Training Hilary Week 3

THH Mob Match

Saturday’s race was ‘hectic’, to quote Chris McGurk (CXXIV). After following the lead Thames athlete for 3 miles Will Mycroft and Andrew Penney led out the front Oxford runners, only to miss a turn and add an extra loop. Despite catching the leaders up again Andrew, Oli Langford and Will then got lost again in the last mile in the Butts – jogging in 15 minutes later. So much for the team performance. White flag markers probably weren’t the best for a snowy course.

Nevertheless, on the women’s side there were some great runs with less navigational issues – Naomi Webber coming in 1st and Alison Walsh 3rd.

‘Results’: THH Mob Match 2013 Results