Committee 2017-18

Club Captain
Luke Cotter – St. Catherine’s College. Vlogger extraordinaire.

Women’s Captain
Rachel Skokowski – University College. Likes running in small circles.

Luuk Metselaar – St. John’s College. Stuck in the gym.

Oliver Paulin – Merton College. Can’t write Strava captions.

Women’s Vice Captain
Tilly Woods – New College. Likes numbers.

Men’s Vice Captain
Alex Gruen – Balliol College. Probability?

Women’s Mob Captain
Libby Brown – Brasenose College. Lad.

Men’s Mob Captain
Joe Woods – St. Peter’s College. Woodsaayy.

Kit Rep
Noah Hurton – Mansfield College. Has showered with tent.

Publications & Website Rep
Kennagh Marsh – Worcester College. Lost.

Social Running Rep
Amy Metselaar-Groeneveld – Not just Luuk’s better half.

Women’s Social Secretary
Natalie Beadle – St. Edmund Hall. Party.

Men’s Social Secretary
Sam Garforth – St Edmund Hall. Pot.

Neptune Teddy Hall Relays (and Cuppers) Organisers
Connor McGurk – Pembroke College. Keeping the job in Cumbria.
Laura Fenwick – Sports Fed President. Mum.

Marathon Rep
Max Schwiening – Oriel College. Ultra.

Sponsorship Rep
Alex Gruen – Balliol College. Double committee member?

Leaving Legend Rep
Bethanie Murray – Jesus College. Has done 258 laps of Exeter-Hertford playing fields.