Committee 2021-22

Club Captain – Daniel Bundred- St John’s College

Dan is a 4th year engineering student at John’s. A firm believer in the high mileage movement, Dan can usually be found running further than he should. Having taken up running in sixth form, Dan’s attachment to the sport stems from the fact that it rewards hard work as much as natural talent. He loves seeing this hard work pay off for others and is always keen to encourage people to get stuck in. Having spent most of lockdown antagonising dog walkers, Dan is keen to see some friendlier faces on runs this year and is looking forward to the return of group training and socials. If you are interested in taking up cross country at Oxford, Dan would love to here from you – please get in touch via Facebook or email:

Women’s Captain – Belinda Dow – Pembroke College

Belinda began her running career in “the other place” for the blue and white army that is C&C. After a successful transition to the dark side, making 2nds in her first year, injury came a-knocking leading to a somewhat minimal 2019 season. Unperturbed, she took on the self-appointed role of chief hype-officer and aims to one day be as fast as she is talkative. A glorious comeback in the motherland at Edinburgh BUCS last year was followed by the arrival of everyone’s favourite virus. Despite being rather race rusty Belinda is extremely hyped to be leading the club alongside Dan for what promises to be an immense season!

Treasurer – Carys Bill- St Anne’s College

Carys is a second year Earth Scientist at St Anne’s. After taking running pretty seriously in her mid-teens, she started training properly again at university and despite also enjoying the tri life, will admit that she has always had a soft spot for running around muddy fields. With a surname made for the job, she helps make sure the club keeps on top of its finances.

Secretary – Lucy Thompson- Somerville College

Lucy is a first year grad medic and ex light blue, who began running waaay back when but as a sprinter (which even she can’t believe is true!) After two mob matches and a second team varsity for the other place, she is keen to get back to after so long without a race (anywhere but Shotover… please!) Although she will say she’s just there for the socials she does kinda like running too, even if nowadays it is for the dark blues!

Women’s Vice Captain – Grace Molloy- St John’s College

Grace joined OUCCC as a fresher in 2019 and what a brilliant addition to the club she has been. As social secretary, she oversaw 2020’s social schedule which was just as lit as you’d imagine. As Vice-Captain this year Grace has greater responsibility and thus greater power. She’s a huge fan of running, when not orienteering or playing football, and is a big believer in “the bigger the milage, the bigger the gains”. This year’s priorities include avenging a narrow first year Varsity defeat and returning to her rightful position as the faster member of the GraceXJames training partnership.

Men’s Vice Captain – Tom Wood- St Anne’s College

From the famous track running Mecca that is North Wales, Tom actually ran his first ever group track session in his second year at Oxford. Despite wishing to have an equivalent to the Welsh hills to train on at uni, he will make an exception for the flat stuff at Iffley. Tom religiously adheres to the ‘Mileage Maketh Man’ motto, and only hopes to one day be able to hack the regular 100 mile weeks. Until then, the Monday Long Run and float sessions are his meal of choice for the week, battling constant abuse from the die-hard Sunday Long Run gang. Tom is looking forward to a good year with Dan in command, and is excited to see what it brings.

Women’s Mob Match Captain – Rebecca Walker – Lady Margaret’s Hall

Rebecca started running just for fun in Parkruns and in schools cross country meets. She is still running just for fun after two years in OUCCC. She is trying not to get injured (again!), get faster and organise the mob match race in 2021. Running also provides her with an excellent excuse to procrastinate actually doing her degree and meet a whole bunch of great people! She wants to help make the mob match as inclusive as possible and get more people involved with OUCCC.

Men’s Mob Match Captain –


Kit Rep – Jared Martin- Merton College

Jared is a fresher at Merton studying History and Politics. In winter, he loves to run cross-country, while in the summer, he’ll typically be found fell running in Mournes, his local mountain range and all-round favourite place. Although coronavirus has put a break on things so far, he’s looking forward to racing in dark blue and will work hard to ensure the club is well-stocked with good-quality kit. 

Publications & Website Rep – Ella Sharrock- Balliol College

Ella decided to make the iconic captain-to-web-rep transition this year after realising that she loves OUCCC so much she couldn’t possibly contemplate not being on the committee for another year. Sticking around for a masters in medieval history next year, she’s looking forward to having a lot of free time to devote to restarting the club’s youtube, training hard, and club running with her friends.

Sponsorship and Access Rep – Zac Hudd- Queen’s College

Zac is a 2nd year PPEist, (who want to make sure everyone knows he dropped the economics bit as soon as possible). He sometimes gets his act together and puts together a decent block of training, but mostly he is too busy being ill due to a diet mainly consisting of cous-cous and the occasional bag or raw carrots.

Women’s Social Secretary – Ellen Williams- St Anne’s College

Ellen is a 3rd year biologist at St Anne’s who loves the Isle of Wight. Having grown up on the Isle of Wight she is convinced there is no place anyone would rather go than the Isle of Wight and is slightly disappointed that neither varsity nor training camp this year will be on the Isle of Wight. However even if they won’t be hosted on the Isle of Wight, she’s always keen to organise more socials so if you’d like to get in touch about socials, the Isle of Wight or otherwise do just message her!

Men’s Social Secretary – James Morris- St Catz College


Neptune Teddy Hall Relays (and Cuppers) Organisers – Oliver Paulin and Joe Morrow- Wolfson College and Queen’s College

Joe started out university life as a road cyclist. After an irreconcilable breakdown in relations with his saddle during 2nd year, he decided to return to cross-country: the sport of his youth, and has never looked back. In Varsity 2018 he raced with the thirds, finishing 11th in a narrow defeat. In 2019 he went one better, coming home in 10th with the Blues. In his spare time, he checks himself obsessively for signs of injury and when he’s not doing that he rides the Machine Learning bandwagon, applying it to Inorganic Chemistry.

Olly is a DPhil student at Wolfson, now in his sixth year on the OUCCC committee. This year he is looking forward to organising Teddy Hall Relays and Cuppers (the most important race of the year) with Joe after their pandemic-enforced cancellations last year. Hopefully he has used the past year to learn how to use a stopwatch. When not rewatching OUCCC TV race videos from the 2017 glory days, he spends his time seeking out the muddiest footpaths that Oxfordshire can offer.

Social Running Rep – Isaac Adni- Queen’s College

Isaac is a music student and organ scholar at The Queen’s College. After no improvement in his running during a gap year and lockdowns, Isaac is enjoying returning to training, and as Social Running Rep he looking forward to sharing the joys of running with the world.
Marathon Rep – David Cruz Walma- Teddy Hall

David’s athletic career began in the pool – he realised early in childhood that floating in a pool is much easier than pounding the pavement.  After a career as a university swimmer in the US, his slow transition to running accelerated as pools became difficult to locate and trails began calling.  Though his running remind observers of a fish out of water, racing with the OUCCC keeps him going as he pursues a DPhil in Clinical Medicine through the Nuffield Department of Medicine.

Leaving Legend Rep – Timothy Harrison – Keble College

With the copious amounts of time he has being unemployed he plans to return frequently and hopes to develop stronger links between the club and their alumni. CV available on request.