Committee 2018-19

Club Captain
Helene Greenwood – University College

#”insert number here” daystillvarsity

I’m a third year Chemist at Univ and am thrilled to be the OUCCC Club Captain for the 2018-19 season, which promises to be another brilliant year for the world’s best running club. An Oxford native, I’m dark blue through and through, although I do have a bit of a soft spot for pink too… Besides cross-country, my hobbies include counting down the days until Varsity, writing the weekly club emails and posting on Oxford Distance Project. If you have any questions at all about OUCCC, do drop by the club office at Exeter-Hertford playing fields, but in the unlikely event that no one’s in, then please send me an email at:

Men’s Captain
Oliver Paulin – Merton College.

Tilly Woods – New College.

I am a second year Mathematician at New College, combining my love of maths and cross country to become the OUCCC Treasurer 2018-19. Having turned up to almost every single club run, session, training camp and race since September training camp as a fresher, you could say I am slightly obsessed with the OUCCC, and it seems also with the Milton Keynes Cross Challenge, for that matter. If you have any money related queries, or want to talk about anything else OUCCC, please email me at:


Libby Brown – Brasenose College.

Women’s Vice Captain
Floren Scrafton – Worcester College.

Yo yo yo my name’s Floren aka “Flo” since the footy days when teammates struggled to shout for two syllables. I’m the Women’s Vice Captain for the forthcoming season and you can find me bouncing about the training grounds and at races with a goofy grin on my face. I’m dedicated to helping OUCCC grow on and off the mud, especially when BUCS comes up – aspirations for a second victorious performance in the season are 100% real. I’ll be supporting our club’s captain Helene across the board, so get in touch with any questions, especially if you’re interested in joining our OUCCC super family! Our hard work and crafty team cohesion makes our club unique and OUCCC is hands-down the best thing about Oxford.

Men’s Vice Captain
Joe Woods – St. Peter’s College.

“”Will probably do anything after a couple of tinniesfrothies” – Just bung that quote on the website as my bio”











Women’s Mob Captain
Jenny Milne – New College

Very prone to falling over on runs. Favourite Quote: “From that day on, if I was goin’ somewhere I was runnin’!” – Forrest Gump







Men’s Mob Captain
Peter Guevara – Wolfson College.

Peter is reading for a MPhil in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies. He runs because he enjoys chopping around grass and dirt but would also like to complete his #Breaking5intheMile project before old age catches up with him. Fun facts: He wears a propeller hat that can occasionally be seen around Oxford; he also collects 200 USD as he passes go in Monopoly, not GBP.

Kit Rep
Cecilie Andersen – Magdalen College.










Publications & Website Rep
Alex Gruen – Balliol College.

Social Running Rep
Amy Metselaar-Groeneveld

Women’s Social Secretary
Connie Hurton – Pembroke College.

Men’s Social Secretary
Tim Harrison – Keble College.

Gets lost in the woods for fun.

Neptune Teddy Hall Relays (and Cuppers) Organisers
Connor McGurk – Pembroke College.

I’m responsible for organising two races during the year. The first is Cuppers, the inter-college competition which doubles as the first selection race for Varsity. The second is Teddy Hall Relays (, an open road relay race based at the famous Iffley Road Track, which attracts both college teams and universities from across the region.
Fun fact: The sum of my finishing positions at XC Varsity is 107, the highest of any committee member.
Liam Smith – St Edmund Hall
I’m a 3rd year DPhil engineering student who started running just over 7 years ago. Since then I’ve been somewhat addicted to either running through mud or in circles in all free moments. After leaving London post-undergrad I’ve spent as much time as possible escaping work to be with the club, mainly due to the great atmosphere at every event. This year alongside Connor, I’m organising both Cuppers XC and Teddy Hall Relays both of which are important events for the club that you should 100% get involved with! Hit me up with questions about these events or the club in general.

Marathon Rep
Rahil Sachak-Patwa – St Anne’s College.

Bonked once, never again.

After running for a few years whilst at school I took the sport up again during my undergrad at UCL. Since then I’ve run a couple of seasons of cross country and track, but for the past year I’ve become mildly obsessed with marathon and ultramarathon running. I now have my sights firmly set on distances of 26.2 miles and upwards and am hoping to run a few big ultras in the coming months. I do my best to try and top the OUCCC Strava leaderboard most weeks.


Sponsorship Rep
Luke Cotter – St. Catherine’s College.

“Ex-Captain Cripple”









Leaving Legend Rep
Miles Chandler – University College.

Chandler has hugely enjoyed his tenure as the second fastest Miles in OUCCC. However, he has decided to quit while he’s (almost) winning in case of further cases of nominative determinism in the 2018-19 fresher cohort. With no future plans other than a return home to the West Country, he is poised to uphold Leaving Legendary status by rounding up as many Old Gits as possible in order to tell them how many miles you can fit in when you’re unemployed. CV available upon request.