Committee 2022-23

Club Captain- Thomas Renshaw- St Hugh’s College

After 5 years of OUCCC our new Captain has become one of the most familiar faces in the club. His uncontainable love for rocks has provided the perfect excuse to run for OUCCC for yet another year, although 0 members in the club can attest to him actually doing his PhD work. Always ready for a session (whether that be on the track or in the club) you can always count on him to bend his understanding of a drinking ban when convenient. As an earth scientist we know Renshaw will have plenty of time to dedicate to his captainship and will be sure to bring OUCCC to another storming victory at Varsity.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 81
  • Time spent doing his course: 15
  • Time spent in Parkend: 95

Women’s Captain- Charlotte Buckley- Oriel College

1st year Biomedical scientist Charlotte has jumped straight into the deep end of OUCCC, running as a blue and earning her place as Women’s Captain! Ready to lead the team into another 3-0 at Varsity, you’ll find Charlotte on the track, in Parkend and any of the remaining time out playing lacrosse. Whilst Charlotte’s brother joined the dark side to captain OUAC, Charlotte has assured us she won’t make the same mistake- whether we trust her on that is another question! Despite still being a fresher, Charlotte has been remarkably successful in recruiting alumni attendance to OUCCC socials. This skill, alongside an uncanny ability to injure her chin after such events, will surely put her into good stead for the year ahead as women’s captain.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 85
  • Crewdate Attendance: 89
  • Proportion of long runs completed hungover: 96

Treasurer- Indy Barnes- Oriel College

A treasured member of OUCCC, Indy’s presence at training has been sorely missed as he recovered from a rough Michaelmas night out in Sandys… that literally destroyed his heart. The heart condition that ensued had Indy out of the game for a little while but even despite that, the tabs have much to fear. Whilst previous women’s captain Belinda claims ‘he prefers numbers to people’ Indy has assured us he ‘prefers literally anyone to Belinda’- a cold hearted retort but I’m sure we can blame it on the heart condition. As we enter the next season we hope Indy’s heart can take the stress of the financial field as he takes on his role of treasurer.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 56
  • Susceptibility to a broken heart: 98
  • Financial prowess (hopefully): 87

Secretary- Tom Barrett- St Anne’s College

Being a 3rd year earth science student (yes, another one), we know Barrett won’t struggle to dedicate time to the club in his big come back after going MIA this year (clearly he enjoyed being social sec so much that he forgot what training was). Though some say he’s got the ‘best legs in Oxford’ we think he’d benefit from being slightly less susceptible to injury… maybe then he’d make it through the year without having to drop out for at least a term! Despite his intermittent attendance, we know Barrett has got it in him to help bring the dark blues victory, having won Yorkshire County XC champs in the past. So watch this space, who knows, maybe he’ll show up next term and show us what he’s got.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 58
  • Commitment to training: 17
  • Ability to pay his subs on time: -4

Women’s Vice Captain- Lucy Thompson- Somerville College

Lucy, having been named and shamed as ‘OUCCC’s most chaotic secretary’ by our previous women’s captain, is stepping up the ranks to lead the OUCCC women to yet another year of success. If you’re ever looking for Lucy, she’s most likely to be in hospital but no one seems to know whether that’s because she’s always injured, gone too hard on a night out, visiting her boyfriend (he’s called Jamie if she hadn’t already mentioned) or simply because she is in fact a medic…. Though she claims to bleed dark blue, this ex-tab is often spotted fraternising with the minty greens post-race (but we’ll forgive her because of her ‘super big and caring heart’!!)

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 2
  • Passion for telling people about Jamie: 99
  • Size of heart: 92

Vice Captain- Jared Martin- Merton College

Jared, the epitome of a true Englishman, claims his race attendance has been impeccable this year, and more than makes up for his tendency to be a liability on a night out. Who’d have thought that chundering all over the new OUCCC vests would have won Jared a promotion from Kit Rep to Men’s Vice Captain? Having made the podium in the recent beer mile, some would argue his alcohol tolerance has much improved over the past couple of weeks, but only the next OUCCC Crewdate will tell if the tables really have turned. Whilst Jared generally can’t handle his alcohol, we know he’ll be able to handle the tabs and will be key to a storming victory at Varsity.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 75
  • Chunder score: 96
  • Bop costumes: 100

Men’s Social Secretary- Charlie McMillan- Worcester College

Despite his love for the sesh, 2nd year Charlie has stepped up this year with some speedy runs and some impressive night out to milage ratios. How he gets any work done is a wonder…. but if you share your passion for rocks and mud with your tutor (aka Captain Renshaw) maybe you get cut a little slack when you need help with your problem sheets. With devilishly good hair, Charlie has become an envy for most of the club, being easily identified by newcomers as ‘the guy with the beautiful hair’. With his sleek hair style and even sleeker pace Charlie will be shoeing Tabs left, right and centre.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 58
  • Conditioner choice: 100
  • Ability to pull at afterparties: 100

Women’s Social Secretary- Catherine Gallagher- Corpus Christi College

Though you’re unlikely to find Catherine at training, she’s a guaranteed attendee at OUCCC socials. Hide your drinks because she will stop at nothing to have a good time. Catherine has many plans for the this year’s social calendar (some more questionable than others) but we have been assured that only 1 of them involved handcuffing club members to each other for the evening…… (we were confused too….?) Making an inseparable team with Charlie, we know the pair of them will be making the most of our Parkend sports team discounts, so get ready for a great year ahead!

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 78
  • Attendance to club runs: -7
  • Tendency to make normal conversations sound kinky: 84

Men’s Mob Match Captain- Joshua Pearson- University College

Having given the most zealous hype speech ever heard at this years AGM, there was never a doubt that Josh would be our new Mob Match Captain. King of Tonk, yet fairly new to the OUCCC scene, his usual race plan consists of ‘as much pain as possible, as early as possible’… no race successes so far… That said, if he keeps up his training through to next season, we might see him holding his 3:10 pace for more than the first kilometer of next year’s MK. Either way, Josh’s hype and enthusiasm is enough to get the whole team over the finish line ahead of the tabs at Varsity and we know he’ll be the perfect man to get the dark blues another Mob Match win.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 110
  • Commitment to Tonk: 105
  • Commitment to Bonk: 102

Women’s Mob Match Captain- Esther Jones- University College

Inspired by Rebecca’s Mob Match hype, DPhil student Esther is taking on the thrill of being this year’s Mob Match Captain. When she’s not looking after her cells in the lab, you’ll find her (usually rushing!) to make it in time for club runs and sessions. Her fellow lab-mates and colleagues think she’s crazy – “why on Earth would you want to run?” – and of course the reply is “it’s all so to beat the minty greens… we dare not say their name.” What we can say is SHOEEEEE. Esther claims she’s not exactly a seasoned runner, having taken it up during these strange Covid times, but alas, that’s not going to limit her hype for the Mob Match, where she hopes to yet again claim Oxford victory, this time on our home turf… oh the joys of Shotover hills!

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 100
  • Love for all things Norwich: 96
  • Run Fuelling Ability: 94

Kit Rep- Matt Fuller- Corpus Christi College

Matt has made no secret that he chose to take on the role of Kit Rep because he wants more Patagonia stash- little does he know he will also be spending the year lugging the OUCCC tent around the country…. its a two in one deal- sorry! Matt has been known to consistently choose fashion over sport, ensuring he never shows up in sports kit for S&C. Instead, he likes to show off his own style of very much not sporting attire in the gym, to prove that being a cross country runner and being fashionable is not mutually exclusive. If whether it’s his speed or his sense of style, the minty greens will be blown away as they watch him speed past them come varsity.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 48
  • Fashion style: 82
  • Fashion functionality: 34

Women’s Welfare Rep- Rhiannon Paton- Jesus College

Rhiannon is famed for her inability to stop jogging, whether it’s between reps, jogging to training or a horrendously long cool down (probably with Bea!). One of the friendliest and warm-hearted members of the club, you can always count on her for a chat, a run, or a boogie on a night out. Whilst initially starting every social claiming she’s ‘not going out out tonight’ Rhiannon is sure to change her mind within a few minutes of hanging out with the XC crew- what can we say we’re just that fun 😉 Having trained hard over winter, recovered from covid and ready for the next season we’ll have our eyes on Rhiannon to see how many Tabs this speedy gal shoe.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 75
  • Percentage of time spent jogging: 98
  • Sense of direction: 2

Men’s Welfare Rep- Antoine Levie- Brasenose College

Having stunned everyone on his first session by speeding past half the group wearing cotton joggers, Antoine continues to baffle the squad with his consistent trackies attire no matter the temperature or weather. Always with phone in hand (yup even during his session reps) Antoine provides possibly the fastest replies one could imagine. This, he claims, is a quality he has developed to make him a great Welfare Rep… and is not a sign of him having too much spare time…. Whilst lovely and approachable in day to day life, Antoine has proven a psychological mastermind out on the field- having sped past fellow team mate James in an intense race to the finish, only to spin around and wave his competitor goodbye as he ran off into the distance.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 70
  • Addiction to phone: 93
  • Pairs of running shorts owned: 0

Marathons Rep- Bea Munro- Hertford College

Eating miles for breakfast lunch and dinner, you’ll often catch Bea on her pre-session 4 mile warm up. When she’s not out on a run you can find Bea at the cinema, at a union debate or sampling vegan options in and around Oxford. Bea is ways in the mood for a good chat and is one of the most approachable people in the club. Whilst she’s currently been put out of action with an ankle injury, Bea will be working her way back to form on our warm weather training camp in Portugal, where a tactful and steady recovery will put her in good stead for next season

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 82
  • Love for garlic bread: 94
  • Mileage: 92

Website & Publications Rep- Anika Schwarze-Chintapatla- Trinity College

Joining the club from North Yorkshire, 1st year medic Anika has embraced the dark blue spirit in the name of shoeing Tabs. After winning Varsity’s ‘most important race’ the Mob Match (and immediately proceeding to get injured) its game on for next shoeing season. Catch her behind the camera for footage of training, socials and races in the upcoming year where we hope her ability to run the social media’s will be better than her ability to text the right chat… (go check out our chariots of fire video for some epic footage at our training camp 2022). Having had some questionable encounters after joining the club last October, Anika plans to leave her silly fresher Michaelmas behind her, hoping to embrace the next 5 years with less sconces and more race results- a DNF at Cuppers doesn’t count…

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 94
  • Love for a ‘day in the life’: 80
  • Sconcibility: 85

Sponsorship & Outreach Rep- Daniel Bundred- St John’s College

Back for another year of bleeding dark blue, our brilliant former captain couldn’t quite face letting go of OUCCC so found himself a DPhil to extend his time in Oxford. Whilst his new position means he’s officially Sponsorship Rep, we all know he’ll be keeping an eye on Renshaw to make sure the club doesn’t fall to pieces without him (the rest of us have more faith in Renshaw than that!) When he’s not checking in on the running of the Club, Bundy will be hitting reps at EH, ready to show the minty greens what us dark blues are made of.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 96
  • Liklihood to extend his degree again so he can stay in OUCCC: 87
  • Commitment to Arctic Monkeys: 100

Cuppers and Teddy Hall Relays Rep- John Hible- St Hugh’s College

Despite his 3 years in the club so far, John’s name (Hible like Bible or Hibble like Dribble??) still remains a mystery to most club members. That said, John is a competitive member of the club, having gone above and beyond the standard races this term by competing in the highly contested Beer Mile to finish off Hilary in style. Tactically opting to not wear the encouraged fancy dress in order to increase his speed around EH playing fields, he likewise opted to run in spikes because he would ‘rather chun on his spikes than his normal trainers. Clearly a tactical mastermind, John will be using this hidden strength to out-manoeuvre the Tabs next season.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 95
  • Beer Mile chun score: 91
  • Separability from Matt Kunov: 0

Cuppers and Teddy Hall Relays Rep- Matthew Harris- Keble College

Joining the committee to organise the all important cuppers race and the highlight that is Teddy Hall Relays, Matt is sure to bring lots to the table (hopefully including some baked goods). Making up for his flawed past of being an ex-tab, Matt has redeemed himself consistently, including a lengthy 4km walk in the dark and cold just to ensure his self baked tiramisu makes it to OUCCC come dine with me unscathed. Having repented his tab ways and finally seeing the light, Matt will be a great addition to the committee  bringing us insider knowledge about the competition as we shoe shoe shoe next season.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: -10
  • Dedication to desserts: 97
  • Likelihood to convert back to C*mbridge: 97

Iffley Festival of Miles Rep- Tom Wood- St Anne’s College

Twood, known for his love for mountains, poor taste in fashion and even worse taste in hair styles, is returning to commitee to rep the Iffley Festival of Miles. Having gone above and beyond as Vice Captain last year (promptly jetting off to Italy for half of Michaelmas and relinquishing his VC responsibilities whilst gone) we hope he’ll manage to stay in the country long enough to see it through! Luckily for us, he’ll be doing it with a new and heavily improved haircut, leaving his days of locks behind him. Whether or not the new trim will aid him in his inability to attend S&C is another question though. Having lost a good kilo of hair over the last few months this speed machine of a blues runner will be flying round the course come varsity and BUCS, shoeing all the Tabs as he goes.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 80
  • Ability to pick a good hairstyle: 12
  • S&C attendance: 37

Social Running Rep- Oscar Jones- Brasenose College

Joining the committee as a fresher, 1st year engineer Oscar is taking on the social runners for the year! Having clearly spent too much time with @therunclingbrad, Oscar too is convinced of the training benefits a park run can bring to the table and is sure to be an attendee of the newest Parkrun site at Uni Parks. Whilst the majority of the club can be found sessioning on a Saturday morning, you’ll probably find Oscar amongst the friendly faces at Parkrun- or any social run you want to organise with him! This we are sure will put him in a strong position to shoe the tabs next season.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 50
  • Parkrun love: 80
  • Prioritising swimming over running: 85

Leaving Legend- Belinda Dow- Pembroke College

Our wonderful outgoing Women’s Captain will be bleeding dark blue for yet another year as she refuses to leave her heart and soul behind in Oxford. With an inherent level of tonk that is hard to match, Belinda is our most nominated club member for ‘relationships that should have happened but didn’t happen’, with an abnormally large proportion of the Club being deemed a perfect fit for our previous Women’s Captain. Unfortunately however, it seems they have missed their chance as she departs Oxford and embarks on a unique and original next step in her life: ‘I’m going to London’ (along with basically 90% of the Club members leaving this year). Whilst no longer in Oxford, Belinda’s spirit and tonk will stay with the Club and is sure to inspire another OUCCC victory next year.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: 100
  • Level of tonk: 100
  • Targetability from badgers and women on the tow path: 94

Coach: Matt Seddon

Consistently mistaken for being Australian, our new coach Matt has kicked off his first term with the passion and enthusiasm of a Labrador puppy. Though not based in Oxford itself, he’s keen to show his affiliation to the city, making sure to tell everyone that his 800m PB was indeed achieved here on Iffley track. This fact however, means he is more than often mistaken for a fresher. Quick to chat to anyone and everyone, Matt has already made his mark on the club, as evidenced by the pretty early on group chat exclamation ‘WE LOVE MATT!’. We’re sure his new addition to the formidable dark blue will be a great success as we enter next season.

  • Passion for shoeing the Tabs: TBC
  • Enthusiasm: 100
  • Likelihood to talk to you during a session: 175