Committee 2019-20

Club Captain – Tim Harrison – Keble College 

Tim is a 2nd/3rd year Chemist at Keble and is happy to be the latest in a long line of Chemistry Club Captains. Having only started training when he arrived in Oxford (although some would argue not even then) he has made a lot of progress since arriving and loves seeing the improvements others in the club make. Despite being from the Other Place he likes nothing more than shoeing Tabs and so when not running tries to beat them at Orienteering instead. If you have any questions at all about the club, please don’t hesitate to email him at:

Women’s Captain – Floren Scrafton – Worcester College 

Treasurer – Ella Sharrock – Balliol College

Secretary – Tilly Woods – New College

Women’s Vice Captain – Eleanor Bolton – Keble College

Men’s Vice Captain – Alex Gruen – Balliol College

Women’s Mob Match Captain – Amy Kent – Worcester College

Men’s Mob Match Captain – Will Shardlow – New College

Will is a mathematician from New College and this season’s Men’s Mob Match Captain. He only started running properly at Oxford, but has since completely fallen in love with it, and with OUCCC. He enjoys chopping around Oxford at a leisurely pace, but has a worrying propensity for getting lost (having once spent over 4 hours on a Greek island trying to find his way home after setting out for a 5k!).

Kit Rep – Evie Morris-Gray – St John’s College

Publications & Website Rep – Charlotte Dannatt – St John’s College

Sponsorship Rep – Robbie Brown – Worcester College

Women’s Social Secretary – Ellen Williams – St Anne’s College

Ellen is a 2nd year biologist at St Anne’s college who loves the Isle of Wight. Having grown up on the Isle of Wight she is convinced that there is no place anyone would rather go to than the Isle of Wight and is slightly disappointed that neither Varsity nor training camp this year will be on the Isle of Wight. However, even if they won’t be hosted on the Isle of Wight, she’s always keen to organise more socials, so if you’d like to get in touch about socials, the Isle of Wight or otherwise, please just message her on Facebook.

Men’s Social Secretary – Luke Cotter – St Catherine’s College 

Neptune Teddy Hall Relays (and Cuppers) Organisers – Oliver Paulin and Daniel Bundred 

Social Running Rep – Leah Tillmann-Morris – St Catherine’s College

Marathon Rep – Rahil Sachak-Patwa – St Anne’s College

After running for a few years whilst at school, Rahil took the sport up again during his undergrad at UCL. Since then he’s run a couple of seasons of cross country and track, but for the past year he’s become mildly obsessed with marathon and ultramarathon running. He now has his sights firmly set on distances of 26.2 miles and upwards and is hoping to run a few big ultras in the coming months. He does his best to try and top the OUCCC Strava leaderboard most weeks.

Leaving Legend Rep – Helene Greenwood – University College

Having tried her hand at a couple of OUCCC captaincies and spent more time reading Fast Running in the lab than doing any chemical reactions this year, Helene is now more than prepared to take on the role of Leaving Legend Rep. It’s with a heavy heart that she’ll be saying farewell to the dark blues at the end of Trinity, but a local girl, there’s no doubt that you’ll still see plenty of her about the city of dreaming spires next year. A firm believer that Varsity is the best race in the world, and that the Old Deer Park plays host to the best (although not always the most memorable) night out, she’s already counting down the days until Saturday 7th December 2019. So you can be sure that she’ll rally a large Oxford alumni turnout for the Old Gits race across the Common.