Committee 2020-21

Club Captain – Ella Sharrock – Balliol College 

Ella started her athletic career as a rower, before being told she was too small and light for lightweight rowing #peak. She decided running was for her after rocking up to the Royal Parks half marathon for charity and winning £250- sadly, after a few more U20 half marathon monetary successes, it hasn’t continued to make her as rich as she thought it would. Arriving at university just a few months after being lured into joining City of Norwich AC, she surprised not just herself but everyone else who’d never heard of her (‘she doesn’t even have a Pof10 profile’) by making Blues. Having been injured for the entirety of last Hilary and Trinity (‘you didn’t actually injure yourself playing in cuppers waterpolo did you?’) and a shaky summer of training/ start to the 2019/20 cross season, she had been enjoying the return of fitness, but has now resigned herself to the inevitability of being struck with the captain’s injury curse (see previous captains’ dismal track records on this front) and having to watch from the sidelines again whilst propping up OUCrippleC.  She might not be looking forward to this, but she is looking forward to leading the club to a huuuuggeeee 2020/21 season!

Men’s Captain – Joe Morrow – Hertford College 

Joe started out university life as a road cyclist. After an irreconcilable breakdown in relations with his saddle during 2nd year, he decided to return to cross-country: the sport of his youth, and has never looked back. In Varsity 2018 he raced with the thirds, finishing 11th in a narrow defeat. In 2019 he went one better, coming home in 10th with the Blues. Who knows what 2020 will bring, but Joe will give it his all with Dan to lead the Oxford men’s teams to victory. In his spare time, he checks himself obsessively for signs of injury and when he’s not doing that he rides the Machine Learning bandwagon, applying it to Inorganic Chemistry.

Treasurer – Will Shardlow – New College

Having led the mighty men’s mob to their 3rd consecutive victory last year, Will has left that wild life behind him and transitioned into the quieter role of looking after the club’s finances. Will ‘just bloody loves running’  although he never really does any because he’s always injured. So catch him on the Iffley spin bikes pretending he’s working hard when we all know he’s just there to see his friends, avoid doing any maths, and blare out his self proclaimed ‘spin club bangers’ (#spinclub4lyfe).

Fun fact: can make a serious hype video (check it out here:

Secretary – Belinda Dow – Pembroke College

Women’s Vice Captain – Lizzy Apsley – St Hilda’s College

Men’s Vice Captain – Dan Bundred – St John’s College

Women’s Mob Match Captain – Gnicole Man – Corpus Christi College

Men’s Mob Match Captain – James Morris – St Catherine’s College

JimJam is a 2nd year engineer and king chopper for the 2020/21 season and will be organising the open-to-everyone ‘mob match’ at varsity 2020. He is proud to be the slowest male on this years committee so we meet the speed diversity quotas for the club, and really he only turns up to training to prepare for the trinity term beer mile. Having only got properly involved with the club in 2nd year, he has already won OUCCC quote of the year 2020 and podiumed at OUCCC ultimate athlete despite not taking part in the actual running part of the competition. One to watch in the coming 2 seasons if he doesn’t get injured which he definitely will.

Kit Rep – Tom Wood – St Anne’s College

Tom is a first year at Anne’s and a key member of the Earth Science Tom Society. Tom is much more a fan of the North Wales hill scene than the mud of the South of England, but he is completely committed to racing his best and providing the best standard of kit for the club.

Publications & Website Rep – Tim Harrison – Keble College

After dabbling in the sport at school, Tim took up running slightly more seriously upon coming to Oxford. Having spent the first 6 months of his Captaincy on the spin bikes at Iffley (#spinclub4lyfe) he’s a firm believer in the benefits of low mileage: this leaves him with plenty of time to procastinate on the club website and social media.

Sponsorship and Access Rep – Ellen Williams – St Anne’s College

Women’s Social Secretary – Grace Molloy – St John’s College 

Men’s Social Secretary – Tom Barrett – St Anne’s College

Tom is a first year at Anne’s and a key member of the Earth Science Tom Society. In the 2019/20 season Tom won the ‘diced carrot’ award, meaning he is very well qualified to organise some great socials in the upcoming season having attended at least the start of almost every social this year. With that being said, Tom will work hard to make sure that socials are inclusive for everyone and that they are very frequent.

Neptune Teddy Hall Relays (and Cuppers) Organisers – Oliver Paulin and Olivia Kelly – Wolfson College  and Pembroke College

Social Running Rep – Selina Lynch – St Catherine’s College

Marathon Rep – Rahil Sachak-Patwa – St Anne’s College

After running for a few years whilst at school, Rahil took the sport up again during his undergrad at UCL. Since then he’s run a couple of seasons of cross country and track, but for the past year he’s become mildly obsessed with marathon and ultramarathon running. He now has his sights firmly set on distances of 26.2 miles and upwards and is hoping to run a few big ultras in the coming months. He does his best to try and top the OUCCC Strava leaderboard most weeks.

Leaving Legend Rep – Eleanor Bolton – Keble College